What is the scope of the GDPR?

The scope of the GDPR is often the most debated and confusing element. There have been many posts asking for clarifications of who a data subject is and what is […]

Anti-Privacy Lobbying by Tech Giants

News broke out this week about Facebook lobbying governments to water down privacy laws. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/mar/02/facebook-global-lobbying-campaign-against-data-privacy-laws-investment Facebook is not the only one. I posted an article from the BBC how other […]

Is it too late for online privacy?

Okay here’s my Saturday thought. Not something people want to discuss or say but is it too late for privacy? Everyday a new story breaks of how personal data is […]

GDPR- An Opportunity for CIOs and CISOs

GDPR as an opportunity The GDPR is forcing CISOs and CIOs to ask themselves and their organisations questions they should really already know the answers to. That is, where is […]

Role Of The Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Role Of The Data Protection Officer (DPO) There are a lot of questions being asked about the role of a DPO and when and where one is needed under the GDPR. […]

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GDPR – What happens on the 25th of May 2018?

Time left to GDPR [wpdevart_countdown text_for_day=”Days” text_for_hour=”Hours” text_for_minut=”Minutes” text_for_second=”Seconds” countdown_end_type=”date” end_date=”24-05-2018 23:59″ start_time=”1485092884″ end_time=”0,1,1″ action_end_time=”hide” content_position=”center” top_ditance=”10″ bottom_distance=”10″ ][/wpdevart_countdown] What happens on  25 May 2018 if you are not GDPR compliant? […]