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GDPR Readiness Assessment Service

Is your organisation ready for GDPR?

A GDPR Readiness Assessment is designed to provide a starting point for a GDPR compliance programme. Our established, tried and tested Readiness Assessment methodology is based on the GDPR, PECR and cybersecurity best practices. The modular methodology ensures we can tailor the questions to specific business context, sector and industry the organisation operates in. The additional risk based assessment also ensures non-GDPR related risks are also captured and presented in the Readiness Assessment Report, which includes:

  • Maturity Assessment
  • Gaps (if any) that have been identified
  • Recommendations for gap remediation
  • Top 5 Risks to the organisation
  • Top 5 Quick Wins that have been identified
  • Top 5 Work Streams to progress with

The time and effort taken for the GDPR Readiness Assessment are dependent on the scope of the assessment. The scope is decided at the outset by one of our GDPR Practitioners working with the client to understand the client’s organisation and operations.

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