Cybersecurity and Assurance Services

We offer a number of cybersecurity services, which can be purchased on a time and material or fixed fee basis.

We are happy to discuss your particular needs.


Security by Design ensures security is embedded into every aspects to development, whether it be software, cloud, networking, infrastructure. Security needs to be considered and included in every aspects of the business but especially into protecting the critical assets of the business.

Our services ensure, we work closely with the businesses, to understand their compliance and security needs, the risks they face and design security into their people, process and technology and even physical security of locations.

Working closely with DevOps teams in an agile environment ensure security and privacy can be “shifted left” or included into the development earlier. We work with DeveOps, architects, developers and operators to ensure security and privacy are captured, designed, implemented into Sprints, tested appropriately (SAST, DAST etc.)  as early as possible.

Business Analysis to assess your existing processes (As-Is) and identify process improvement (To Be) state.

This is usually charged on a day rate, however distinct pieces of work can be fixed fee, if required.

We can supply one of our experienced and qualified Project Managers

This service will asses third party risks against international/Local/Best Practice/or our own bespoke standard and can be either fixed fee or Time and Materials.

Services T&M

£995 / Per Day +VAT
  • Time and Material
  • Office Hours
  • Any Services from the portfolio

Fixed Fee

Call for Quote
  • Any Services from the portfolio can be provided if required.
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