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Russia and Ukraine War Alert

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has raised the risk of cyber attacks. Our clients are advised to be accordingly extra vigilant and to ensure their systems are patched and protective monitoring is ramped up.


For many organisations cybersecurity risks are one of the most pervasive and worrying board level issue.

Cyber attacks can not only be disruptive but can also have regulatory, financial and reputational impact and can even result in threat to an organisation and cause physical harm to it’s people.

Conversely, it’s own people can also become insider threats to an organisation.

As trusted advisors to the public and the private sectors, we help to protect our client’s assets that underpin their business.

Data protection is not a choice but a legal requirement for EU, UK and many global organisations that process personal data.

Since the arrival of the EU GDPR, many countries and states have introduced their own data protection and privacy laws.

However, many are struggling to keep up with the changing data protection laws and requirements. Our mission is to help our clients to be “compliant”, protect personal data, the data subjects, build trusted and ethical organisations.


Our Services

Below is a high level list of our services. Please contact us to find out more details of other services we provide.

Data Protection


Our Data protections services are underpinned by our Privacy Framework which takes privacy and security architecture approach to embed security and privacy by design and by default.

We work with clients, developers and architects, analysts to ensure GDPR, DPA2018, PECR requirements are integrated from the start.

We have helped organaisations to fix their non-compliance and improve their compliance posture.

Get in touch to find out more.

Data Protection Services


Information is the lifeblood of every organisation. From regulated personal data to customer data, IPR it needs to be protected from outsiders and insiders, inside and outside the corporate boundaries from ever increasing threats.

We help organisations to protect their information, technology and business on premises or in the cloud.

Cybersecurity Services

Security Architecture

Our approach to security and privacy is to integrate both using architectural principles by designing privacy and security into products as part of the software development lifecycle.

Working closely with Agile, DevOps teams to ensure privacy and security by design is integral to all software development.

Security Architecture

Cyber RisK Assurance


Cyber risks are real and they can manifest from all directions. How do you know that the physical, personnel and technology controls you have applied are working, protecting your data and are managing your risks effectively?

We provide assurance against a full spectrum of threats and risks to your  people, processes and technology.

Cyber Risk Assurance

Third Party Risk Assurance


As  supply chain attacks such as Solarwind and 3CX has shown your partners, suppliers and suppliers can be a source and conduits of attacks against your organisation.

We are also increasingly sharing more and more data with service providers and partners.

We can help you to assess, audit and manage your risk from suppliers/third parties. Get in touch and to find out how.

Third Party Risk



We work in heavily regulated industries, including the UK government that require compliance with regulations government security standards and international best practices.

We can help you to comply with GDPR, DPA2018, PECR, ISO27001, NIST, CIS 18, NIS standards and frameworks.


Our Engagement Model

We have a streamlined 4 step engagement model. This ensures our clients have clear understanding of outcomes and costs whether it is time and material or fixed cost.

     Step  1. Requirements gathering

     Step 2. Proposal and quote

     Step 3. Engagement

     Step 4. Deliver Services

Data Protection

Fixed and T&M
  • Hourly and Daily Rate
  • Fixed Fee
  • Modular Fees Per Service

Cybersecurity Price

Fixed and T&M
  • Hourly and Daily Rate
  • Fixed Fee
  • Modular Charging Model

Who We Have Helped

Our Certifications

Our consultants are some of the best in the industry in their fields and hold top professional qualifications backed up by years of experience on working in some of the complex, regulated and secure environments in the world.


  • CISA

  • CISM


  • ISO27001 Lead Auditor

  • ISO27001 Implementor


  • AWS Practitioner

  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate

  • CIPP/E

  • CIPM

  • FIP

  • GDPR Foundation

  • GDPR Practitioner

  • Scrum Master

  • PMP

Cybersecurity and the Threat Landscape

Companies are facing increased and persistent threat to their assets from ransomware, theft to IPR and personal data. The threats are not just technical but also from people, regulatory fines and reputational damage.  It can sometimes seem overwhelming.

We are here to help.

Trans-Atlantic Data Transfer Announcement 25/03/2022

EU-US Privacy Shield – “Agreement in Principle” Announced.
EU and US leaders have announced reaching an “Agreement in Principle” on data transfer to the US today. However, what does it actually mean in reality?

Our short video explainer.

Have you got the balance between Security and Usability right?

We work with your developer teams and even content and UX designers to ensure the systems are secure but are also usable with user centric designs.

This helps to prevent user mistakes and breaches.

News and Events

Moyn Uddin was the Keynote Speaker for Session 8 at the BPO Summit 2019, invited by the ICT Ministry and BACCO.


CYBER COUNSEL were mentioned on the new EU Open Banking Rules (PSD2) and it’s implication on cybersecurity and data protection.

Cyber Resilience Best Practices – International  Cyber Resilience Text Book on Cybesecurity – Co-Authored by Moyn Uddin

Cyber Resilience Best Practices – International  Cyber Resilience Text Book on Cybesecurity – Foundation and practitioner Certification Course Authored  by Moyn Uddin